Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately but there’s a lot going on in my professional and personal life. I thought I would give a bit of an update for friends who are interested…

My GI rights law practice has really taken off. I had assumed that I would get a rush of new business around the holidays (an after Christmas rush, with lots of folks going home on leave and not wanting to come back) but thanks to Bush’s Surge plans (and a lot of ridiculous decisions by the command chains of some of my clients) I’ve been very, very busy lately.

Here’s my current stats…

34 total cases since September ’06 where I’ve done some work or provided consultation to a soldier. 16 of those cases are open (still being worked) and 18 of those are closed (either the client had success in their case or the client decided to not pursue things further at some point in their case) So far, all of them have been either Army or Army National Guard.

So, thanks to the new caseload I had to adjust my work schedule with my other job (I practice Consumer Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense at my father’s law firm), so now I’m working for him on only Tuesday & Thursdays (except for criminal court appearances that sometimes are on other days). The new schedule so far is working really well, as it allows me to be more focused on my work with him on those two days, but leaves me with plenty of time to work my military cases. And the other big plus is that it cuts my driving in half (which is a big plus financially and environmentally).

The other big challenge I’m having is that it is harder than I thought to work at home. I’m not sure why, but for for some reason it seems that when I put on a jacket and tie and go to the office I’m much more focused and in a “work mode” as compared to sitting at home with my laptop working in a flannel shirt and pajama pants. If I had the money I would think about getting an office but I really don’t have the funds. I’ve thought some about using a room next door at the church (our church meets in an old house, I live in the garage apartment there) as I’m already renting a room over there for storage. If I could get it a little cleaner and set up better, maybe it would make a good office for me.

As far as other stuff in my personal life, I’m looking forward to the return of nicer weather hopefully very soon. I haven’t bicycled much lately and I really miss that. I’m also thinking ahead towards tomato season. I had hoped to grow and sell tomato plants this year but I got to get moving fast on it as I need to have my plants started indoors around Feb. 15.

I am blessed right now though with lots of good friends and I feel closer to my family than I have in a long time. All very good things. My romantic life as usual is pretty much non-existent. I know I should get out there more but it is hard to think about connecting to women in that way when your own life is so unsettled. I guess everyone feels that way.