I’m way, way behind on keeping track of my biking milage (something I used to be very obsessed with, as you can see from these posts), but I thought I would least try to make a rough estimate for last year, and then get back on track for this year.

Here are my estimates of miles riden since that last report in July 2006…

Drove the pedicab on about 30 nights with an average of 25 miles per night = 750 miles (this also includes riding a Pedicab in the OKC Streak ride)

Miles rode on rented bicycle in San Francisco in October = 15 miles

Miles rode on brother’s bike while visiting Austin = 6 miles

Miles rode on my own bike (New Schwinn Hybrid) on a different trip to Austin = 10 miles

Estimated other miles rode on my own bike (New Schwinn Hybrid) during those months = 65 miles (this includes a few intermodal round-trips between Newcastle & OKC)

Estimated miles riden in New Orleans on rent bike (actually back in May, but I never wrote these miles down) = 25 miles

This would bring my 2006 year totals to:

Total mileage per bike: 1060.8 -New Schwinn Hybrid; 2.8 (plus lots unrecorded) -Old Schwinn MTB; 8.0-Graziella Folding Bicycle; 1275 – estimated miles on the Pedicab; 46 miles – estimated miles riden on rented/borrowed bikes

Total 2006 miles to date: 1,840

Unfortunately, despite my pedicabing, I fell far-short of my 2006 goal of 2,400 miles.