Protests Sweep Latin America as Bush Begins Five-Nation Tour

Radio Habana Cuba: US President George Bush Encounters Hostile Demonstrators In Uruguay

Radio Habana Cuba: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Addresses Thousands of Supporters in Argentina

. . . He dismissed claims that his trip to Argentina and later Brazil, is aimed at counteracting Bush’s Latin American tour, and called the US leader a political cadaver.

The Venezuelan leader noted that for Bush to be able to speak about social justice, US troops must be immediately withdrawn from Iraq. He ridiculed the small amount of assistance the White House has brought with it to offer nations on the regional tour, recalling that the United States spent some 600 billion dollars on war and the military last year.

It appears that after seven years Bush has finally discovered there is poverty in Latin America, he quipped suggesting that if the US really wanted to help end poverty it could start by forgiving the region’s foreign debt and eliminating free trade policies.

I’m watching CNN right now and am so encouraged to see the massive protests happening at every one of Bush’s stops on his speaking tour of Latin America. (including 30,000 in Sao Paulo, Brasil!!!) Finally the people of Latin America are standing up together against the US and against oppressive economic policies. (of course, so many of their governmental leaders are still being lapdogs but maybe that will be changing soon)