Updated to include information on Anastasia Pittman at 6:01 p.m.

I found out that my state senator, Andrew Rice and my state representative Anastasia Pittman voted FOR the horrible anti-immigrant law (HB 1804). I’ve contacted their offices asking for an explanation and will let folks know what I find out, but in the meantime I would encourage all of their fellow constituents to contact Andrew Rice(here’s a link to his contact info) and Anastasia Pittman (here’s a link to her contact info) and ask why they voted for this horrible legislation.

For more info on this, here are some links:

Justpeace.org: A Dark day for Oklahoma – by Bob Waldrop

OKSenate.com: rollcall vote on HB 1804 (PDF download)

OKHouse.gov: rollcall vote on HB 1804 (PDF download)

Okiefunk.com: Run, Andrew, Run – a blog post that calls for the democrats to draft Rice to run for the US Senate against Inhofe (which I previously would have supported before this horrible vote)