I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog much lately but did want to post a quick note to let friends know I’m still alive. Work has been ferociously busy but good. Starting my law practice has been both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Easier in that clients have not been hard to find (everyone wants out of the army right now), but harder in that it is much more work than I would have expected to not only take care of my clients but also to do a good job with the administrative side of things (i.e. billing, keeping tax records, advertising, etc.) I am hiring a friend to help a few hours a week starting next week though so hopefully things will get better.

My work pace right now is that I go to Ft. Sill at 1-3 times a week to either take clients to turn themselves in (who were AWOL but are trying to get things straighted out in the best way possible) or to do other things. I am kicking around the idea of eventually moving to Lawton (where Sill is at) but I also would really miss my church and friends here in OKC so it is probably more likely that I’ll eventually have a little garage apartment down there or find a peace-friendly person to rent me a spare room. For now though, I sometimes stay at a hotel in Lawton when i need to be there for a couple of days (the Ramada is relatively cheap, nice and clean and has free-wifi, I’ve also stayed at some of the sketchy motels on Cache Road but I’m afraid when you pay less than $30 a night you get what you pay for).

I’m also working with lots of clients by phone and email throughout the week. Some are local but most are from all over. Almost entirely Army or Army National Guard, as I’m trying to refer folks from other branches.

Besides work stuff, I have a bought a new bike (a sweet folding bike that I’ll have to post pics of soon) and am hoping to finally get my garden planted soon. Lots of other stuff in my personal life going on too but not really anything blogworthy to write about.

Anyway that’s the news.