CNN: Iraq vet— ‘My brain will not let go’

This story haunted me because I’m working with quite a few other soldiers from Fort Campbell. I hope to goodness the Army treats this soldier better than the folks I’ve worked with. From what I’ve seen, Fort Campbell treats their soldiers like **** and is criminally incompetent in providing mental health care to soldiers in need. Gaps in Mental Care Persist for Fort Carson Soldiers

Another story that rings home for me, as this story highlights what the Army does all of the time. The Army gives their bull**** stories about providing the “best mental health care out there” but in reality the Army ignores soldiers in need until things get bad, then they punish the soldiers for acting out.

Maybe I’ve seen too many sad stories lately, but this is the reality for many soldiers. These soldiers I know with PTSD and othe rissues are good people but the Army has ****ed with their heads bad. It is not right that this is happening yet except for a few rare press mentions, the public has no way to know that our government treats soldiers like ****.