MSNBC Photoblog: Photograph of a young woman grieving at her fiance’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery

I know my regular readers will think I’ve been pretty bleak lately, but frankly I feel pretty bleak. There is a war going on and no one seems to care, or at least just a few. I’m getting calls and emails every day from soldiers who are either in Iraq, or who have been to Iraq or who will be going to Iraq, and for them the war is a daily brutal reality that never goes away.

Right now I can’t escape it’s reality either. On good days I can help my clients and then put it out of my mind but other days it seems like it is the only thing that is real and it never ends. I guess mostly I wish that our society, our community, would at least have an awareness of what is going on, to know the sacrifice that we are asking our young men and women to make. Whether you are pro-war or anti-war, we all need to be real about what it is that is happening. It is hell. It is brutality. It is something that no human being should ever have to face, and yet it is the daily reality of so many.

I’m sorry, I’ll shut up now. I’m just a big overwhelmed right now and more than a bit guilty than I do so little to end this horror.