FBI Wanted Posted: The Ponytail Bandit

America’s Most Wanted: The Ponytail Bandit

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Statesman.com: FBI seeks armed and dangerous ‘Ponytail Bandit’

KXAN.com: Ponytail Bandit Goes Cross-Country With Bank Robberies

The Ponytail Bandit has hit three banks in the past month, including one in Austin.

She’s made her way to the West Coast and onto the FBI’s wanted list.

Her crime spree started at the Wachovia Bank on Mesa Drive last month.

Her method is always the same: She walks through the front doors, waits her turn in line, and then she politely hands the teller a note, demanding money and asking them to smile. Then she walks back out the front doors and disappears.

This story is so funny. A sorority-type girl walks into a bank, stands politely in line and then when it is her turn she hands the teller a note saying she wants cash and that the teller should smile while she is getting the cash. No weapon is used and no threat is used.

Seriously, this isn’t bank robbery. She simply asking for money and the teller obliges. And now she’s on the FBI’s most wanted list. Hehehe, ok, I guess this is a serious crime but still it seems pretty funny to me.

And of course, this crime spree began in Austin (just like the infamous urban legend about the stolen kidney)