Injustice in Jena: The ‘White Tree’, A White Judge, White Jury, and White Prosecutor Calling White Witnesses Leads To Conviction of Black Youth —by Bill Quigley

Wikipedia: Picture of the “white tree” in Jena, Louisiana (taken from: Wikipedia: Jena, LA)

This story is unbelievable. White kids go unpunished for massive hate crimes, yet black kids are given extreme sentences for defending themselves against the white racist kids, and not only that are convicted by an ALL-WHITE jury, a WHITE judge, and a system of systematic racism in LaSalle Parrish.

I don’t know what to say except that I don’t think I can find it in my heart to even think of celebrating our nation’s supposed freedom tomorrow. None of us are free when some of us are slaves, and the truth is that Jena, Louisiana (and in a bunch of other places in America), black folks aren’t free.

I also do recommend calling the racist prosecutor in this case. Here’s his phone #: (318) 992-8282. Don’t be hateful or threatening when you call, but I do think it is appropriate to remind him that he will face judgment for his actions, either in the courts someday or by God who is always on the side of the little guy.

Shame shame shame on our racist country for allowing this kind of injustice to occur.