CNN: Troops mourn teenage comrade who insisted – ‘I ain’t no baby’

Read this story and look at Army Spc. Christopher D. Kube’s picture. He was just a kid and he is now dead. He enlisted at age 17 and went through the utter brutality and dehumanization of Army basic training (he enlisted with his parent’s signature only a month after turning SEVENTEEN) and was in Iraq only a month after turning 18.

I’m sorry but this is child abuse. I don’t blame his parents (they probably thought they were doing the right thing by signing the papers to let him enlist), but I do blame the Army’s killing machine, that doesn’t care about the individual soldier and doesn’t care that it is unconscionable to subject a young person to the evils of military training (which frankly is inhumane to adults too, but children! How can these people sleep at night! This is too much to even possibly believe.)

The Army killed Christopher Kube, and the leaders of the Army and our nation are responsible for his needless death. I don’t know if there will ever be justice for his death but I hope to God that the day will come when we will stop this killing machine once and for all.