Okiedoke: Possible Oklahoma wine coverup at Commerce & Tourism

NuyakaCreek.com: Tourism Official Cuts Oklahoma Wineries Out of Epcot — Your Tax Dollars At Work

At the Epcot Food & Wine Festival an estimated 1.5 million people will get a taste of Oklahoma…but NOT Oklahoma Wines.

At a cost of over $500 ,000 in Oklahoma State Taxpayer’s money, some Oklahoma businesses will enjoy being the first state to be invited by the Walt Disney World Resort to showcase its cuisine and heritage at a display area during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. This once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity has produced a great deal of excitement in Sooner country.

However, in a year where our local government has made every effort to destroy our local wine industry, readers should not be surprised to learn of the most recent government-sponsored blow to Oklahoma’s family winemakers. . .

I’ll try to keep you updated on this. It sounds pretty crazy to me that our state is spending oodles of bucks to promote Oklahoma with California wine!

Oklahoma wine (like that of any state) is a mixed bag. I’ve had some sub-par bottles but I’ve also had some world-class bottles (my favorites are Sparks Winery’s Viognier, and just about everything that Woods and Waters makes). I think Oklahoma is very competitive with California or any other state, and in fact even the worst Oklahoma wines I’ve had are still much better than the worst California wines I’ve ever had.

So if Oklahoma has good wine and has plenty of vineyards, why can’t we serve Oklahoma wine at the Epcot center? And for that matter, why is the state spending this kind of money in the first place? Personally I would prefer the state to spend the $.5 million dollars to support local family farmers (including wineries, ranchers, and organic gardeners).

Anyway I hope Mike (at Okiedoke.com) gets to the bottom of this boondoggle.