CNN: Harrowing rescues from Oklahoma’s raging floods

CNN: Amazing video of water rescues by helicopter (including 2 people who fell from the helicopter but were ok) (also see NewsOK: Rescued couple gain celebrity status) 5 Dead After Tropical Storm Moves Through State —Widespread Damage Left In Wake Of Tropical Storm Erin Tropical storm leads to flooding, power outages

. . . Emergency officials say a rural Fort Cobb woman was discovered drowned in her cellar today, while a man in his 50s drowned after his vehicle was swept off a roadway 14 miles west of Kingfisher.

Meanwhile, searchers were looking south of Carnegie for three women whose vehicle was swept off a Caddo County roadway shortly after midnight.

Family members identified the women as the mother, daughter and granddaughter of Kiowa Chief Billy Horse.

They say Dorita Horse, daughter Helen Horse and granddaughter Rose Saddleblanket were last seen when their vehicle rolled off State Highway 58.

NewsOK: Photos from the floods

Wikipedia: Picture of stranded car near Carnegie — simply unbelievable!

Wikipedia: Tropical Storm Erin (2007)

Definitely a memorable and tragic night in Oklahoma. I happened to be driving that night (I had to pick up a client who was flying into Will Rogers at 2 a.m.) and it was something. Pretty much steady continual rain. Lots of lightning but not that bad of wind. I had no idea how bad it was in other areas nearby though.

The news from Ft. Cobb and Carnegie especially hits hard. (the two towns are very close to grandparents’ old farm at Pine Ridge) I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to drown in one’s cellar. It is stuff like this that really makes you wonder if God is asleep at the switch or something.