As some of y’all know I am a big fan of the Atkins diet. To the extent I stick with it, it has worked better for me than any other weight loss program. I know my health is better and I feel 100% better the longer I stick with it.

That said, I’ve really been disappointed by the new ad campaign that they’ve been doing online through that stupid ediets outfit. So many of the little website/email adverts I’ve seen play on the insecurity that so many folks have with body issues.

I think the worst one is that stupid that shows a woman’s butt zoomed in real close and then has dashed marks showing the reduction in size that Atkins will supposedly bring. What I find amusing is that the “before” butt looks pretty slim to me. Not to be crass, but it is certainly nothing to be ashamed about at all.

Or here is another goofy thing on the ediet’s site where the author says that it is ok to want to have a j-lo butt instead of a Jennifer Anniston butt, and how much she enjoys have strangers yell things like “Girl got herself a ghetto bootie!”

I’m not making this up!

Or on banner advert on the site is says, “Lose your tummy in 5 weeks!”

This is ignorant!!! Ediets has no idea how big your tummy is to begin with! It might take a year to lose the gut, it might take two weeks… the idea though that they can promise a certain outcome like this when our bodies are all so different is incredibly goofy.

I personally hope that the ghost of Dr. Atkins comes back and pulls his company out of this partnership with ediets. Ediets, IMHO, is a mysogenist company that exploits folks’ lack of self-worth. I think it’s a sorry way to make a buck and I’m sad that the Atkins company has gone along with this.

I plan to keep following the good doctor’s advice but I’ll think twice about buying any “Atkins” brand products as long as they keep doing stuff with ediets.

— And one more thing… what in the heck is Dr. Phil doing with these folks? I thought he was shrink. Have you completely sold out? Did Oprah not teach you anything? Why are you doing stuff with this stupid company? I can’t believe you would go along with the exploitation of women like this being a psych-type person and all.