Don’t Get “Robbed” Oklahoma

It is amazing to see Redstater argue why he opposes multi-party democracy in Oklahoma, being that his argument that the ballot access reform movement is a secret strategy by DEMOCRATS(!) to keep the Republicans from gaining power, and that Democrats are supposedly supporting now only because they have lost their majority.

That is interesting to me because Republicans in the past were the ones who have introduced bills to open the ballot access rules, and well-known democrats like Frosty Troy are opposed to ballot access reform.

So, given the weakness of Redstater’s hypothesis, I asked him one simple question on his blog comments, “Do you believe the people of Oklahoma are too stupid to chose from more than 2 choices? Just curious…”

His answer (which you can read by scrolling down to the comments section of this post, doesn’t in fact answer my question. He instead engages in some of the classical logical fallacies (also see Wikipedia’s list of logical fallacies) to attack the idea of letting voters decide for themselves between more than 2 “approved choices.”

I won’t fall into the trap of saying that all conservatives believe like he does (in fact, I know this is not the case because some of my conservative friends in law school were supporters of OBAR), but RedStater definitely does not represent his own chosen causes well.