Life has been pretty intense lately and I simply haven’t had time to blog like I would like to. I’ve also been rethinking how I want this blog to function and how I will be spending my creative/writing energy.

So, what I’m planning to do is this… – will be newly focused on commentary by myself. I’ll mostly talk about politics, faith and local concerns. I won’t talk about my personal life that much on JMBzine anymore, and will seek to make the blog a bit more “professional.” And in fact, literally professional, because I will be running advertising. I’m not sure all of the details yet (probably I’ll use google adwords, as my brother Dan Branum is doing), but I’m hoping to make some money and have the blog be a more focused voice for my opinions. – I’ll be reviving this blog to talk about life on the farm (I’ll post more about that in another post). Posts will focus on what is like to move to a farm after having lived in an urban setting for the last 5 years or so, and also on the practical side of trying to live more simply and freely.

My facebook profile – OK, this is where the purely personal stuff comes in. Friends and family who want to stay in touch are welcome to do so via my Profile on Facebook. I used to be ok with posting this kind of stuff on JMBzine, but the world is changing. Certainly Facebook isn’t private either (as way too many beauty pageant contests have discovered), but it isn’t quite so public.

There’s some other projects in the works. Thanks to the help of my extraordinary webkeeping friend, Rena, who I’ve hired to help me, I’m going to be posting resteraunt, wine and beer reviews soon on a blog especially for that.

Anyway that’s the news for now. It will likely be later this month before all of the projects go live but change is coming.