The buzz about a Kucinich-Paul ticket? Here’s where that came from

An interesting scenario….

What I like about it is that Dennis and Ron are both men of principal. You know where they stand and that is pretty cool. I also like the fact that both men are committed to ending the war in Iraq. They are at this moment the only major party candidates making that pledge.

However, what troubles me about this is that likely Ron Paul would be at the top of the ticket, and Ron Paul’s beliefs are troubling on many points. From my perspective (and I think Kucinich’s too), they radically part ways when it comes to economics and immigration, and those are not small things.

Ron Paul supports extreme laise fare (not sure how to spell that) economics, with no limits on the accumulation of wealth and the privatization of all of the commons. And he takes his economic principles into other areas, such as his views that race relations are not solved by proactive action.

And Ron Paul buys into the racist paranoia about Mexican undocumented migrants (see Border Security and Immigration Reform). And more troubling is the fact that Ron Paul backs the unconstitutional idea to ban so-called “birthright citizenship” (which is impossible unless you want to repeal the 14th Amendment).

To me these issues are basic principles of social justice that are necessary for the existence of true peace. I’m glad that Ron Paul supports ending the war on the people of Iraq, but his policies will still further the kind of world that will make future wars like the Iraq war necessary. This is why I don’t support Ron Paul.

That said, compared to the Democrats (besides Kucinich), he’s not much worse. I would probably pick him over Hillary Clinton any day of the week, because at least with Ron Paul you know the war will end.