MSNBC: Voters reject Chavez’s constitutional changes — Constitutional changes would have broadened his power over Venezuela

The results of the election in Venezuela are interesting. I do think the Constitutional proposal was troubling, but was certainly not what the media portrayed it to be either.

Most of the provisions of the proposal were actually very positive (see this earlier post —
Gay Rights & Youth rights expanded in Venezuela), but I think Chavez and his growing (but also pretty reasonable) paranoia caused him to overstep in proposing the end of term limits and also the special emergency powers.

I’m hoping that now Chavez comes back to the people with a new measure, taking out the two dubious sections but also bringing to fruition the other important clauses (i.e. the 6 hour work day, respect of the rights of “informal” workers, etc.). And I think it is important that Chavez still continue to push for socialist reform, but in a way that is respectful of the democratic process.

Viva la Venezuela! Viva la revolutionaria socialista! Viva Chavez!