Right now I’m in a bit of dry spot in my legal practice, not that there’s a shortage of clients needing help, but rather there seems to be a pretty high number right now who can’t afford to pay for that help. (right now about a third of my work in helping soldiers get discharged is pro-bono)

I don’t want to turn soldiers who need help away but I also got to pay the bills, so I want to let my readers know of two ways they can help the cause if they feel so moved…

First, to help pay the bills this month I’m doing some auctions on Ebay. If you would like to bid, it would be much appreciated. Right now I have a roll of Silver Mercury Dimes listed, but I will likely put other items for sale up soon. (click here to see all items that I’m selling)

Secondly, donations to help me provide more pro-bono legal services are very much appreciated. You can donate via paypal by clicking here (just shoot me an email after you make the payment to say that this is a donation for pro-bono work). You can also send a check.

Thanks for all who are able to help! Also donations are NOT tax deductible, but they are very much appreciated.