Examiner.com/AP: Live round fired at soldier during training exercise

I came across this story in the print edition of the Lawton Constitution this morning but the story isn’t on their website, however it on the wire now which is how I found it.

I’m glad to see the Army is investigating this incident, but I have two questions that I doubt that CID will ever get around to asking…

1. What compensation is the family of Daniel Patrick Fisher going to be getting? The Army killed this young man, this son, this husband. The least the Army can do is pay appropriate compensation (oh, say $10 milllion or so).

2. This question is the one that really haunts me — Most of the soldiers I speak to day in and day out as a GI rights attorney tell me that Basic training is a living hell for them. Many of them are horribly depressed, even suicidal during Basic training. What I want to know is how can we as a society live with ourselves, knowing that the last days of Daniel’s life were likely horrific and would likely be considered to be child abuse if he were 2 years younger. How can we live with ourselves knowing this?!

And now he is dead.

19 years old. When I was 19, I was dumb as bag of hammers. I thought I was in love and had my life together but I was really a mess, just trying to figure things out. I think most 19 year old are just trying to make it, trying to figure out their way in life. Thankfully I never got ensnared by the recruiters but so many young people are, and they wind up being maimed (physically or mentally) or even dead. And we all are to blame.

How can we let this go on? When will it stop? I’m sorry if I’m expressing too much emotion here but tonight I just can’t get the stories out of my head. I had a soldier tell me yesterday that when he was in Basic training, he was continually on the verge of tears and that when he was alone he would sob. He would cry most of the night, even though he was bone tired because of what the Army was doing to him and how they were destroying him and his spirit. This is so ****ed up. — I know that anger isn’t the answer but right now it is the only emotion that comes. I want to know why God lets this kind of crap happen and why we as human beings stand silent while this kind of evil takes place.