I have to admit that New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays. Not because it is an excuse to get drunk but rather because it is a reminder that every day is a new day, and that we don’t have to stay locked into the negative ways of the past.

Certainly individual resolutions are great, but I kinda like to take the day as a time to dream about what the world could be like. We don’t have to stay locked into the way of war and violence. We can choose to live from a place of love, a place of cooperation, a place of kindness.

I’ve done a lousy job of living with faith in that dream in 2007. I gave in so often to hopelessness and despair and ground myself down in the struggle against the evil of war without remembering what we are struggling for. We have to remember that PEACE is not just the absence of violence, but rather is a positive energy in the universe. You can call it God, you can call it love, you can call it whatever, but you have to believe in it and tap into it.

A few years ago when I first was introduced to the writings of the American Transcendentalists (particularly Emerson), I was both thrilled and scared by the idea that the divine is not some being “out there” but rather is something that permeates us all. I still am not sure about things (and maybe I’m not supposed to be sure about it), but it does seem like that a faith in this idea of God, and a faith that God is in all is the answer to me at least. I want to be happy this coming year and continue in the struggle, but with the awareness and peace of knowing that there is hope and that a new world is possible, and that we can catch glimpses of it here and now as people act with love.

Anyway my prayer for the coming year is that each of my readers (and myself) will rise up past the place of despair and begin to have hope and faith in the possibility and reality of a peaceful and loving world. The world as we see it sucks bad, but there is more to the story than what we can see. We have to believe in what heart intuitively tells us is true.

Thanks to all who have read this blog this year. I hope you and yours are happy and hopeful in the coming year.