I’m posting this appeal out again as we only got $20 in donations on the first appeal. Even if it is just a little bit, please chip in, as we need to raise another $100 to keep the IMC online for the coming year.



(Please pass this on to folks who might be interested in this)

Hello friends,

Well it’s me again with my semi-annual request for donations to help pay the hosting bill for the Oklahoma Independent Media Center (www.okimc.org).

OKIMC.org is a voice for the people, which lets ordinary people not just consume media, but BE the media. It truly is grassroots and has stayed alive thanks to the work of volunteers (most notably Serena who was responsible for the move to better servers this month, and who does most of the editing on the site) and to the donations of folks who believe in the mission of OKIMC.org.

If you can help pay for a month (or several months) of hosting for OKIMC.org.

    $10 will pay for one month’s hosting and expenses
    $30 will pay for one quarter’s hosting and expenses
    $120 would pay for one year of hosting and expenses

I should also add that we are a pretty low budget operation. Besides hosting, we pay for domain name registration, some printing to get the word out about us, and sometimes equipment (our most recent purchase was a $50 digital camera we bought a year ago).

Donations can be made with credit/debit card via paypal. (send payments to
) You can also send checks to: James M. Branum, RR 1 Box 525, Fort Cobb, OK 73038. Checks should be made out to James Branum, but please put “OKIMC” in the memo line. Donations are not tax-deductible, but you do get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to support grassroots independent media in Oklahoma.

Also please share this email with friends and organizations who might want to support us.