Reviewing the results as of today in the Oklahoma Blog Straw Poll, I am surprised by some of the outcomes…

1. The top 2 in the Democratic results are what I expected among the liberal Oklahoma blogosphere. I wonder if Edwards trip to Oklahoma will nudge the race closer, or if Obama will plan a last minute trip to Oklahoma too.
2. Kucinich’s performance is much better than you’ll see on the real primary, because he was the 2nd or 3rd choice of all most all of the democratic party voters. He probably will be seen as too extreme by the establishment, but his strong showing here I think would point to him being a popular choice among activists for VP.

3. With the exception of two folks I know, I know of very few Okies who are big Clinton fans. The results here definitely bear that out. I wonder why she is so unpopular in Oklahoma?

4. On the Republican side, Fred Thompson has done extremely well and Ron Paul hasn’t even registered a blip yet. I honestly thought that Paul would be a major contender in Oklahoma, but maybe the low number of Republicans voting so far is the cause of this. Guilliani also has had no votes thus far.

5. I know very little about the Republican race, so I would be interested in hearing some of the republican voters explain why they like the candidates they like, and how they think their favorite candidates will do in Oklahoma. And for that matter, we need to get more Republicans to vote in this primary!