RedStater: FREE or Low Cost Healthcare In OKC Area

It’s a good list and I appreciate Redstater for posting it.

I do disagree though with his allegation that liberal bloggists won’t post the information because it doesn’t help their political agenda. That is pretty absurd. I agree with Redstater that it is tremendous that these agencies are out there, but I also know that the need is so huge that these agencies can barely put a dent in the problem.

I can personally testify to this because a couple of years back I sought the help of some of these agencies, as I was very sick and needed to see a doctor, but also very broke. While I did find one clinic that could see me, the clinic wouldn’t have been able to see me for several weeks. I couldn’t wait that long. Thankfully I had family that I could contact to borrow money from to see the doctor, but if I didn’t have family I would have been stuck showing up the ER and hoping for the best.

I’m 100% supportive of agencies providing these services, but let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that the need of the poor for affordable healthcare is actually being met, because it isn’t.