I was very disappointed that John Edwards dropped out of the Democratic primary (click here to read Edwards speech in New Orleans where left the race), but his name will still be on the Oklahoma primary ballot and I think Okie Democrats should still vote for him. Here’s why…

The reality is that unless a miracle happens, either Obama or Clinton will get the Democratic nomination, and that unless the nominee really screws things up, that person will be the person will be the next President.

NOW is the time to put pressure on our next President so that they will end the war in Iraq and to stand up for the poor in America!!!

By voting for Edwards, Okies can send a message that we want our President to end the war and get the troops out of Iraq by the end of the year, not years from now. We can send a message that we want the people to govern, not corporate America. And we can remind the Democratic Party that they can’t take the votes of the people for granted but rather must stand for something if they will get our votes.

It will be a tremendous thing if America elects its first female President, or if America elects its first African-American president, but those victories will be hollow if that President (who comes from a marginalized population) doesn’t take a stand for the marginalized: for the poor young men and women being killed, maimed and traumatized by the war in Iraq.

Let’s send a message to our next President by voting for Edwards.

Also see this article that discusses the impact of the Edwards campaign: NYTimes: The Edwards Effect – op-ed by Paul Krugman