ABC News: Edwards Weighs Clinton Endorsement — Former Candidate Torn Between Clinton and Obama in Democratic Race

It will be interesting to see what he does. The headline in this story is a bit misleading, as it sounds to me that he is in serious talks with both campaigns about a possible endorsement, and has had or will have in-person meetings with both of them.

If he can swing a deal to become either Attorney General or Vice President, I think he should go for it. I think he would definitely bring a lot to the table in a future administration, and given the precedent of Cheney, I think it would not be unexpected for a Democratic VP to play a bigger role than VP’s have in the past.

As to who he should pick, boy, I don’t know. I go back and forth pretty often. I like and dislike Clinton and Obama both. I think both will improve things a little bit on some fronts, and will hopefully provide enough political cover for the Democratic do-nothing congress to actually end the war in Iraq. (however, I’m afraid they won’t be fast about it) I’m also concerned that they are too invested in the uber-capitalistic machine and will continue to support pro corporate policies which really sucks.

At the present moment, I’m leaning a very little bit towards Clinton, but it isn’t much of a lean. I think her health care policy is better than Obama’s which is a pretty big deal, but I also am still very upset with her failure to show up to vote against BARF (Bankruptcy Abuse Reform Fiasco) and her big ties to the credit card industry. But, I think it is high time to elect a woman as president, and that coupled with the unfair and sexist abuse I’m seeing her catch from both the left and right is making me pretty sympathetic towards her.

I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow though. And I’m very open to third party choices at this point, particularly if the democratic nominee drifts to the right after the primary elections are over.