The last 24 hours have been rather crappy. Last night I was in the middle of an online chat with newly found friend (who I swear is my long lost kindred spirit) when my computer froze up. After trying multiple times to get it to come back to life, I tried to restart it and got the dreaded screen of death message (you know the one where you can’t load your operating system). I finally gave up and went to bed, but the next day drove to The City (more precisely Best Buy in Norman). The good news is that it looks like the data on my hard drive is savable, maybe.

The bad news is that it will take at least 48 hours to get my data onto a portable HD, and then there is no telling what will have to happen to save the actual laptop itself.


And then of course the world sucks as it always does. I found out that another friend is going to have to go into major surgery because she has breast cancer and of course the war is waging on and on.

But life goes on. Some days you just have to say, “God, I have no idea what you are doing here and there is way to much suffering going on. My problems I know are little in compared to the big picture, but they seem bigger than I can handle. And let’s not even talk about the horrible tragedies that others have to deal with. I know you are there, but I’m having a hard time having faith in the meantime.”

Oh well I guess it’s better to pray frustrated angry depressed prayers than to not pray at all.

Well on to happier subjects… if you want to hear some mighty good Okie music, I must recommend the tunes of Buffalofitz. I heard them play live a couple of years ago but I got their album just recently, and it is a treasure. Lots of good songs. I especially like “LA County Fair,” “Flatlander Blues,” and “Maggie Jean” but the whole album is mighty tasty. Sorta a rough and tumble and slightly salty kind of bluegrass, full of broken hearts and longing for better days.

Oh, and lastly be sure and check out the spirited comments on my post about Sally Kern’s homphobic hate speech. Thanks to the exgaywatch blog, I’m getting lots of traffic and lots of comments.