Norman Transcript: OSBI opens investigation into death threats against lawmaker (thanks to Okiedoke for the link)

I’ve been amazed at the tremendous response that there has been to the coverage of Rep. Sally Kerns and her anti-gay hate speech. I am thrilled and encouraged that so many people care and our outraged by it. (see my earlier post on this that has 140+ comments at this point)

That said, I am stunned by some of the hateful responses that are going out about this. According to the Norman Transcript story, Kerns has received some threatening messages (now as for the use of profanity, I don’t see that as a problem myself. Rep. Kerns brought that on herself by speaking hatefully about gays.) and I have had to censor a few comments on my blog that are either threatening towards Rep. Kern or that use sexist language to attack her (i.e. referring to her as a “b****”).

I don’t get this. Rep. Kerns was wrong to speak hatefully towards gay people, but it is equally wrong to be hateful towards her. Criticize her, call her on her hate, call for her to resign; these are appropriate responses. But don’t threaten her or attack her gender. Her gender has nothing to do with her homophobia. I suspect that there are plenty of homophobic men out there too.

I also want to say for the record that I have not ever posted a privacy policy on my website, so I want to make it clear in the future that if anyone posts threatening comments in the future, I do reserve the right to pass said posts on to law enforcement. I’m assuming that folks know that when you post stuff on a website that it is “public”, but just to make it 100% clear I’m saying it again. Don’t post threatening comments on this blog. End of story. This is my website and I reserve the right to run it as a see fit. I let folks post just about anything they want to in my comments, even ignorant and thoughtless bigots who hate gays, but I’m going to draw the line at not letting folks post threatening remarks.

Besides all of that, I think it hurts the cause to direct hate at Kerns. She is convinced that there is an evil “gay agenda” a foot and if folks threaten her, it kinda confirms her paranoid crazy fears. Instead, let’s show her a different “gay agenda”, that is committed to EQUALITY for everybody, or even better speaks out proactively for the cause of love itself. The only way to counter hate is with love, not more hate. I admit that I’ve had a lot of anger over this issue and I still am as mad as hell about it, but I want to channel that energy in a better direction. I hope that more of y’all will do the same.