I’m currently at the National Labor College in Beltsville, MD (just a few miles from Washington, DC) as part of the legal support team for Winter Soldier 2008.

There is so much I would like to say but I am frankly exausted and running on adrenaline at this point. (thanks to both what is going on here, and also with one of my clients back home) The legal team has met with quite a few of the testifiers and I’ve ran into lots of old friend and former clients who are testifying.

So far though the event has gone very well. There was one disruption by a counter-protestor who made it into the main hall, but the situation was quickly handled by the event security (which consists mostly of members of Vietnam Vets against the war). There are also plenty of pro-war protestors nearby (associated with the pro-fascist Gathering of the Eagles organization, but frankly there are not that many of them (maybe around 50 at any given point in time). They of course are carrying tons offensive signs, but the worst said, “IVAW – Section 8 Brigade.” What an idiotic and assinine thing to say. Of course it kinda makes sense because the Army always assumes that the ability to think for oneself is a form of mental illness, so I guess from that standpoint the pseud0-patriot’s sign was right.

Overall though, I am thrilled to no end to see the amount of courage displayed by those who are testifying. Some of them are testifying to some pretty jacked up stuff, but their consciences say they have to tell the truth about what they saw. I hope to God that WS2008 can be part of the birth of a mass movement of GI resistance to the war.

I unfortunately will have to be coming back to Oklahoma, but my heart will still be at WS2008 with those are taking the stand, being true “winter soldiers” who speak to the truth even though times are hard.

If you would like to read/listen/watch the event, I would recommend checking out WarComesHome.org (a project of KPFA radio). There are also a number of blogs (both pro-peace and pro-war) covering the event live. One list of these blogs can be found at Obiter Dictum