In light of the recent discussions on this blog about Rep. Sally Kern and her views on scriptures that claim that homosexuality is an “abomination” (see comment #221) on this past JMBzine post, I got to thinking about other places in the Bible that talk about abominations. Of course, others have noted that shrimp were an “abomination” (see the satire website, but I got to wondering about one of my favorite kinds of fish, the wonderful catfish.

Well, it looks like I (and all of the rest of us catfish lovers) are hell-bound, because according to some interpretations of the Torah, CATFISH ARE AN ABOMINATION!

But anything in the seas or in the streams that has no fins and scales, among all the swarming things of the water and among all the other living creatures that are in the water–they are an abomination for you and an abomination for you they shall remain: you shall not eat of their flesh and you shall abominate their carcasses. – Lev. 11: 9-12 (thanks to Catfish are not kosher)

Of course, being a lawyer I think I see a loophole. Catfish don’t have scales but they do have fins, and Leviticus 11:9-12 clearly says that abominable seafood doesn’t have fins AND scales, not fins or scales. So shrimp, oysters, clams, are out. Catfish, maybe is ok.

Nonetheless, all of this sillyness highlights the ridiculous idea that one can actually take the Bible 100% literally. It is not possible. I do think one should take it seriously, but definitely not literally.

Boy, speaking of catfish, I’m getting hungry. I wish there was a 24-7 catfish joint in OKC.