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KFOR: Flashpoint, March 23, 2008 (thanks to James Nimno’s op-ed for this link)

Very, very interesting. I think I’ll have to disagree with Nimno on this though. He says that the story was a Kern monologue, but I thought that Pastor Jones and Mike Turpin made a pretty a decent showing of themselves in attacking Kern’s gay-hating position. (still it did seem like that the neutral moderator was on the anti-gay side of things)

Overall though there were two main issues that were in contention — first, there is the contention by Kern that homosexuals are more dangerous to America than terrorists, and secondly the contention by Kern (and Kirk Humphreys) that scripture clearly teaches that homosexuality is sin.

Kern and Jones both stood their ground on the scriptural issue, but unfortunately Kern’s likely sounded more persuasive to layfolks as the anti-gay interpretation is literalistic and easy to understand. I wish they gave Jones more time to explain his point of view (which I happen to agree with), but you can’t really explore this in any kind of detail in just a quick soundbite.

On the issue of Kern’s equating homosexuality with terrorism, Mike Turpin repeatedly tried to get Kern to defend her position. Kern argued that it isn’t individual homosexuals who are worse than terrorists (but of course she does keep saying they are sinners), but that the “homosexual agenda” will undermine traditional values and destroy America far more effectively than any terrorist action.

Jones argued that the kind of “homosexual agenda” that he believes in is very pro-family, and that gay people’s families are at risk by anti-gay policies, and that to equate homosexuality with terrorism and with a growing cancer is dangerous; dangerous because the logical implication is that since terrorism and cancer should be anihlated and destroyed, then homosexuality should be destroyed; the logical implication of that being that individual homosexuals should be destroyed.

Kern tried to spin this, but there is no denying what Jones said. If you hate homosexuality and counter the “gay agenda,” then in the end you are furthering cause of hating gays. Even if you think you are attacking homosexuality out of your “love” for gays, you are attacking the core of who gay people are (because all human beings are sexual beings… it is only one part of us, true, but it is an important part of us), and you are providing intellectual ammunition to those who will make the logical jump to hate individual gay people outright.