James Morriss, AWOL Iraq War resister discharged

By Courage to Resist, 19:20 min. March 12, 2008

James Morriss deployed from Fort Bragg to Afghanistan with the Army’s 82nd Airborne in 2005. James discusses refusing orders to shot a young boy carrying a rifle, indiscriminate shooting, and other instances that led him to conclude that “we are not doing the right thing over there.” In 2007 James went AWOL and lived in Canada for a year in order to resist deployment to Iraq. With the help of Courage to Resist, he recently surrendered to the Army at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and has since accepted an Other Than Honorable discharge.

Very neat story. It is very, very rare that cases go as well as James’ went.

Huge thanks go out to Courage to Resist (who raised a few bucks for me on legal fees) and to the many other folks in the US and Canada who helped James along the way.