I have received two envelopes by regular US mail, which contain multiple copies of a poorly written, incoherent statement regarding the stance of the Bible on homosexuality. (I’m assuming this is a response to my ongoing coverage of the Sally Kern controversy) Both envelopes contained 3 copies of the same one-page flyer.

The envelopes did have a military return address of “818th Maintenance Co., APO AE 09453” and has a “free mail” postmark on it. I did a bit of checking around, and it looks like the 818th was recently stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland, however the AE part of the address means that the address is from the US Armed forces in Europe.

In the future, I would ask that anyone mailing me stuff have the decency to put their real name on it. It is kinda creepy and cowardly to send me crap anonymously. And please don’t send me the same thing, multiple times. I only needed one copy to read.

And for the anonymous sender of said material, I don’t see myself changing my mind on this. It was not easy to come to the conclusions that I’ve come to on this issue (frankly it is much easier in Oklahoma to not be an advocate for gay rights), but I’ve thought it through quite a bit. For myself, I see this as one of the great civil rights issue of our era, and I think the role of straight people (like myself) is important in this fight, just like it was important for white people to stand with people of color in the fight against segregation back in the day.

I’ll do my¬† best to keep an open mind, but I don’t intend to back down from speaking up about what I believe is right. The right to love who one loves is about as fundamental of right as it gets in my book.