Just wanted to tell my friends and readers that I’ll likely not be posting much as I’ll be covering a lot of ground over the next few weeks on cases.

Sunday evening I’ll be taking an AWOL soldier down to Ft. Hood, TX. Monday morning, I’ll be taking an AWOL soldier to the PCF at Ft. Sill, OK and then catching a plane from Lawton, OK to Atlanta,GA.

From there I have a court-martial hearing for a client at Ft. Stewart, GA on May 28th, and a court-martial hearing for war resister/conscientious objector Ryan Jackson on May 30th. And then after hopefully getting to see where the Branum’s first settled in America (a 200 acre land-grant from the King of England in 1720 at Camden, SC), I’ll come home to Oklahoma on June 2nd.

I may or may not be online much, so friends and clients are best off calling me on my cell phone if they need to get in touch. (my contact info is at www.girightslawyer.com)