I’m traveling with a friend (a delightful woman I met online, who seems like a long-lost sister) right now. She and I are in one vehicle (accompanied by 2 cats and a hedgehog), and her parents are in another car, as the whole family is moving from Illinois to Oregon. (I’m only going with them as far as Boise, Idaho)

So far, we’ve gone from Central Illinois to Des Moines, Iowa on the first day, and then today from Des Moines to Sidney, NE (out in the far west, in the panhandle of Nebraska). Over the next few days we’ll go into Wyoming and Idaho, as those (along with NE) are new states for me to visit.

Blogging will be sporadic at best over the next few days, but I’ll be at the hotel in Boise on Thursday night and will plan on catching up on anything I can’t do from the road (work and blogging wise then).

Also I wanted to say for my regular readers, I’m sorry the last post was so brutally sad. Yes, the things I was writing about are worth being upset about (I’m still amazed that CNN wastes hour upon hour talking about the ridiculous Hulk Hogan family saga when the Iraq war is going on), but nobody should stay in that place all of the time. I was very, very depressed on the day I wrote that post, and it seemed like venting online was a better choice than more hurtful outlets for my negative emotions.

I am doing much better now. I am praying a lot more and realizing that I can’t get every soldier out of the Army, but that i can do my part to free as many people as I can from the machinery of death and destruction. I also am finding some time here and there to take care of myself and do little things that bring me happiness and joy. I’m taking lots of pictures and have even been painting on this trip (I think I’m finally getting the knack of watercolors!), and have enjoyed just spending time with my new friend and her family.

Anyway that’s the news from the Days Inn in Sidney, Nebraska tonight. Thanks for reading 🙂