OKGreens4Obama Email discussion list

This discussion list is for members and friends of the Greeen Party of Oklahoma, who are supporting Obama for President, but who are also proud to be Greens and are fighting for Ballot Access reform in Oklahoma so that all political parties can be on the ballot.

Civil discussions of the Obama campaign and Green politics are welcomed.

Please note that while this list is supportive of BOTH Obama and the Green Party, this list is NOT an official Green Party of Oklahoma email list and is not endorsed or sponsored by the Green Party.

I’m hoping this will be well-received. I know some Demos love to hate Greens and blame them for the losses in 2000 and 2004 (instead of blaming themselves for picking crappy candidates) and some Greens will see this project as being divisive (but to me this election is very different than 2000 and 2004).

At the very least I hope this project is seen as what it claims to be, Greens (who see a future in an independent Green Party) who are supporting a decent candidate for President, who happens to not be Green, even though he shares many (but not all) of our Green values.