Reuters: Green Party names McKinney as presidential pick

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The U.S. Green Party, which captured far less than 1 percent of the vote in the last presidential election, chose former Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney as its 2008 presidential candidate on Saturday.

McKinney, 53, will be joined on the ticket for the November election by vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente, a hip-hop artist and activist.

McKinney received 313 out of 532 votes cast at the party’s nominating convention in Chicago, party spokesman Scott McLarty said. . .

CNN: McKinney running for president as Green candidate

Big congratulations go out to the McKinney campaign (I also must say that I was impressed with the campaign of Kat Swift of Texas).

I’m glad we have choices nationally, even if we don’t in Oklahoma, and I hope that Cynthia’s presence will bring issues to the table that will otherwise be ignored. I know that many will say that she could be a spoiler this year, but I think that Obama has nothing to worry about IF he stays true to progressive values. We must end the war, now! We must fight poverty. We must ensure that the constitution is protected. I’m still an Obama supporter, but if he keeps making compromises like the horrid FISA vote, I may end up supporting McKinney instead.

Also, I’m proud to see the GP have an female ticket this year. David Cobb committed in 2004 to wanting to see a female GP presidential candidate in ’08, and I’m glad his wishes came true. And not only that, but the GP has an ALL female ticket at the top. I think, unless, I’m mistaken that this is a first in US history.

On a sidenote, I haven’t yet figured out how the Oklahoma GP delegates voted. I appreciate the value of proportional and ranked voting systems, but I wish the GP could do a better job of explaining election results.