NewsOK: The Brent Rinehart comic book

CNN: Brent Rinehart defends homophobic campaign comic book (video)

Brent Rinehart, Sally Kern, and our other homophobic elected officials who are making such asses of themselves with their ignorant rantings about the “homosexual agenda” are really doing us all a favor.

First and foremost, they remind us that there are still very hateful people out there. Kern and Rinehart aren’t inflicting actual violence on people, but folks who share their sentiments are (see see this post from Sinister). It sucks, but we all need to be aware of the very real danger posed by violent bigots, and Kern & Rinehart help us to not forget.

Secondly, Sally Kern and Brent Rinehart remind us of the absolute absurdity of the idea of discriminating against LGBT folks. Certainly Kern and Rinehart make particularly absurd parodies of their own viewpoints, but these absurd parodies remind us of why the less offensive and in-your-face versions of homophobia are still pretty messed up.

So, Brent Rinehart, keep up the good work! The more folks like you, and Sally, and Fred Phelps open your mouths, the more folks come to believe in the cause of equality. (as I’ve mentioned on this blog before, it was seeing Fred Pheps that made me, a former homophobe, became a straight ally of the “homosexual agenda” for equality)