Other local blogs have already discussed this, but I think I should say something too since I was a very vocal supporter of Edwards during his primary campaign.

I am deeply, deeply disappointed in him. I know that many great political and social movement leaders have very troubling personal lives and marital infidelities, but still I hoped for so much more than this. And I can’t help but wonder who else he might betray (i.e. the folks who claims to be fighting for), if he would betray his own wife.

But I’ve also just read what his wife has said to the public on Dailykos (thanks to Sinister for this link), and I think she is right. The media should leave them alone. They are not helping the situation one bit.

Probably Edwards is sunk as a VP pick (I would have so loved to see him get the nod… he would have been such a powerful voice for the working class), but I hope that whatever happens he can heal his family and overcome this. We need every eloquent voice for the poor that we can get, and I think he has the ability to speak and inspire that we so desperately need.

The moral failure of John Edwards reminds me of a similar failure of Martin Luther King. It looks like that the allegations of marital infidelity were true (I still argue we never would have or should have known about it, except for the FBI’s illegal spying on him), but it doesn’t change the fundamental rightness of life and his message. I think the world of Correta Scott King and am amazed that he would dare cheat on her, but he did, and she forgave him, and he continued to fight for justice, even with all of his very human failings.

It’s too early to know about John Edwards, but I’m hoping that he also can find redemption and can take the mercy he is shown by his wife and loved ones, and use it as an inspiration to fight for all of those in our society who have been pushed aside and told they don’t count.