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There have been a few response’s to Rondi Adamson’s poorly reasoned op-ed attack piece against Robin Long and other war resisters (not near enough though). The most important point made by them is one that I should have made and didn’t in my own response to Rondi, that the war resisters are not “draft dodgers” but resisters to war itself.

The Common Ills: Rondi Adamson lies

Rondi Adamson’s “U.S. military deserters don’t deserve refugee status” (Christian Science Monitor) is the usual string of lies from Adamson — that, however, does not excuse the Christian Science Monitor for printing it. (Link provided for everyone to laugh at the under-educated, uninformed Adamson.) Rondi, a big mouth with no brain to back it up, starts from the premise that, during Vietnam, Canada welcomed “war resisters” which is defined as “draft dodgers.” Wrong, Dumb Ass Rondi.

It’s a real shame that you didn’t value your education enough to actually learn but it’s more shocking that the Christian Science Monitor would print your garbage. Canada welcomed draft dodgers and deserters. On the latter category, deserters were not required to have been drafted and many weren’t. The draft was never an issue in Canada — which didn’t have a draft. The illegal war was the issue. . .

Cedric’s Big Mix: From the TCIWire

. . . Yesterday the National Lawyers Guild’s James Branum takes on Rondi (and today Ithica Journal re-prints Rondi’s crap). Branum, who is defending Robin Long and has defended many others resisters (and co-chairs, with Kathleen Gilberd, NLG’s Military Law Task Force), makes many strong points but leaves out the most important one: During Vietnam, Canada welcome “deserters.” It wasn’t just “draft dodgers,” Canada also welcomes “deserters.” Canada did not have a draft, Canada’s position was not based on a draft. Deserters were not asked, “Did you enlist or were you drafted?” It wasn’t an issue. The issue was the illegal war. When Rondi shows her ignorance, it’s important to call her out on that basic fact. War resisters in Canada today have been undermined repeatedly by ‘voices’ that refuse to acknowledge the vast number of deserters that Canada accepted during Vietnam. But not noting that very real reality, today’s war resisters (and their supporters) have to make the case: “Well, during Vietnam, you welcomed draft dodgers, so you should expand that today to welcome us.” The real argument is: “During Vietnam, Canada welcomed deserters and they should today since this is another illegal war the Canadian government has refused to officially sanction.” With the first argument, war resisters are placed in a position of weakness where they beg for something more. In the second argument, war resisters are not asking for ‘special treatment’ or anything different; they’re merely asking Canada to do what it did before. That is reality. Rondi is a foreigner to reality. But that’s a point everyone else needs to make. That Rondi either didn’t know reality or thought she could lie about it goes to the failure to stick to the facts: Canada accepted draft dodgers and deserters during Vietnam. . . A Great Response to the Christian Science Monitor Thingie

. . . I can understand disagreeing with our position due to actual researched positions and logical reasoning…but when the premise of your article is *BOO HOO TOO BAD YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT!!1!!1!!* smacks of pure ignorance and lack of education about the issue. . .

In the interest of fairness, I did find one pro-Rondi blogist out there, a self-described “Christian, Monarchist Canadian Tory” (wow, I didn’t know there were that many defenders of monarchism anymore) . . .

Dr. Roy’s Thoughts: Rondi Adamson on the US deserters

My friend Rondi Adamson has a great piece in The Christian Science Monitor about the US deserters. As I have said before deport the lot of them!