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Local Colorado News Coverage

The Gazette (Colorado

Springs): Fort Carson deserter sentenced to 15 months in prison – by Tom Roeder

…Long’s civilian attorney, James Branam, closed his part of the sentencing hearing by comparing Long to Ghandi

and Martin Luther King Jr.

“The morality of what he did should lessen the punishment,” Branam said.

If it were up to Boudreau, Long would have gotten double the amount of time he was sentenced to.

The judge said she wanted Long behind bars for 30 months, but she was forced to cut that in half because of a plea agreement.

Afterward, Branam said Long’s sentence was a penalty for his outspoken stance on the war.

“It was on the upper end of the scale,” he said.

But the prison time did make Long a martyr who was lauded by more than a dozen anti-war activists during the proceedings.

As Long, handcuffed and shackled, was hauled away in a Humvee, the crowd clapped and cheered.

“Robin Long you are a hero,” one of them shouted.

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