The Gist: Sally and Me

Well, the Republican drag worked! I ran into wacko theocrat Oklahoma state lawmaker Sally Kern over at the Oklahoma delegation, and she didn’t realize it was me, even though I introduced myself by name. She even mentioned at the end of our interview, while I took a picture with her, that she had a bad experience on Sirius, with “whatshisname, Michael Siganorelli or something like that.”

The Gist: Audio of the last 2 minutes of the Sally Kern inteview (Mike, you gotta post the whole interview! Okies against Kern need it. We gotta get this lady out of office)

Thanks to Rena for telling me about this interview.

And thanks go to Sally Kern for giving me another excuse to get tons of readers. More people visit my blog searching for your name than almost any other search term.