I’m sick and tired of seeing celebrity hacks use their talents for the sake of military recruiting and propaganda. Toby Keith has made a whole career of it (and yes Toby, I’m ashamed you’re from Oklahoma) but there are two other folks that I think are worthy of public ridicule.Army Times: New recruiting ads focus on Army careers

“As it turns out, camouflage is a great way to get noticed,” comes the commanding voice of actor Gary Sinise, who in a low register informs the viewer the Army offers “150 careers in the strength America’s top employers are looking for.”The family scenes are still out there, but now they’re on the newly overhauled http://www.goarmy.com, which launches with an opening video showing a stack of infantrymen in a smoky alleyway and ends with an invitation to “click on any video” to see other career choices, none of which is combat arms.“People already know about the infantry, but they don’t necessarily understand the rest of the Army. This is an opportunity to give them a look at our other careers,” said Accessions Command spokesman Lt. Col. Dan Lee, who said the fact that the Army is at war is also represented in the new ads.

What a putrid pile of dog excrement. If the Army is so great for one’s career, why is it that the average veteran has a LOWER average salary than the average non-veteran?As far as I can tell from digging around online, Gary Sinise has not served in the military (but he did give $2300 to John McCain’s campaign), so he needs to shut up. And stay tuned for my mocking of another celebrity propagandist, Kid Rock.