I’m voting yes on all of them. Here’s the details…

State Question 735: To allow a 100 percent disabled veteran an exemption from personal property taxes. – I’ll vote yes for this but wish that they did not require the veteran to have an honorable discharge to get the exemption. There are many, many honorable veterans who don’t get “honorable discharges”

State Question 741: To require a person or business to file with the county assessor the first time they apply for a property tax exemption. Some limits apply. – I couldn’t make heads or tails of this one until I read this op-ed in the Edmond Sun by the Oklahoma County Treasurer. I recommend a yes vote.

State Question 742: To decide whether Oklahomans’ right to hunt and fish should be protected by the state constitution. – I will be voting yes on this one. I wish we had it a few year ago to stop the cock fighting ban. Basically this amendment will protect rural folks from intrusion on their way of life by urban folks, while still maintaining the power of the state to provide reasonable regulation on hunting and fishing.

State Question 743: To allow certain winemakers to sell wine directly to state retail package stores and restaurants. It also lets them sell products in person to adults at specific places. – Definitely yes. This question is on the ballot because of a US Supreme Court decision that struck down Oklahoma’s laws that let Oklahoma wineries sell directly to retail stores and restaurants (on the grounds of our laws unfairly hindering interstate commerce). So instead of making it a state-based law, instead it will allow small wineries of all states to directly ship. This seems like a great work around and will definitely help Oklahoma’s (and surrounding state’s) burgeoning wine industry.