I have posted a follow-up to this post in the comments. —  Thus far Fox 25 News hasn’t put the video of their horribly biased and slanted piece about today’s protests as the capital, but I saw it on TV tonight and I gotta say it is a new low for OKC journalism. The story by Andrew Speno provided a very short interview of a spokesperson from CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), clips from the rally, and then 2 longer interiews with members of the local Jewish community and then even a clip of a person from Israel calling by telephone to the US to criticize the protest.This is a joke. I’m sorry but there was no serious discussion of what the protest was about (the fact that HUNDREDS Of Palaestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in retaliation for less than 10 Israeli dead and that Israel is now targeting HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, and MOSQUES in their attacks).I don’t watch local TV much these days (I see no reason to rot my brain with capitalistic, pro-American, pro-war propaganda), but this is a new low.Shame on Fox 25 and shame on Andrew Speno for this pathetic excuse of a “news” story. I wish instead that there was an attempt to talk to members of the local peace movement and pro-peace local Jewish people.  Also, I under stand the point of presenting both sides of the argument. Fine, interview the pro-war members of the local Jewish community, but also why don’t you just try to take the views of the protesters seriously? Interview them and at least try to give equal time to both sides of the argument.