Daniel Sandate is a client of mine who was convicted of desertion after fleeing to Canada to avoid a second Iraq war deployment.

Here are a few media accounts that tell his background:

Courage to Resist: Mentally ill soldier sentenced to 8 months in stockade

Colorado Springs Independent: Trading uniforms
Two Fort Carson desertion trials shed light on the route from post to prison – by J. Adrian Stanley

War Resisters International: Listing for Daniel Sandate, prisoner of conscience

Anyway, I asked Daniel to write a statement about his experiences and what he now believes about the war in Iraq. The following statement is in PDF format and is a scan of what he wrote while in prison:


As it stand now, Daniel is scheduled to be released from prison at Ft. Sill on January 20th. Local supporters in Oklahoma have scheduled a celebratory potluck dinner on Janaury 22nd. The dinner will be held at Joy Mennonite Church at 504 NE 16th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104. We will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. and then the dinner will start at 6. All who support freedom of conscience are encouraged to come.