From: Comment #307 – Rep. Sally Kern’s ugly anti-gay speech is made public on the internet (emphasis added is my own) said… Rep. Kerns and her husband is absolutely right. We need to stamp out homosexuality indefinately. People’s bodies were designed for reproduction purposes under GOD’s standards because GOD created humans. God finds homosexuality detestable. Homoesexuals are spreading like a disease, the same as hatred. Then, their desires are masked: First they wanted their rights. Okay, we gave them that. Asking for Gay Rights was only a mask for the intention to ask for Gay Marriage. So they vote Pres. Elect Obama into office in the hopes of getting what they want. They don’t even know who stupid that was. Obama was never for gay marriage. Now they are upset about Rick Warren to speak at the inaguration. Warren and Obama share the same views. Where’s the confusion here??

Homosexuals are sick and should be put into mandatory treatment centers. Nothing scarry about it. Find out what causes people to be gay and get treatment for it so they can join the majority that is straight. They don’t have to live as God wants them to live but at least be normal. I don’t believe gay people want to be gay, plain and simple. Who would? I think Kerns speech was dead on.