From: Protest homophobic actions by Grandfield, Oklahoma High School

Grandfield, OK high school teacher Debra Taylor was suspended and later forced to resign over her using the Laramie Project as part of her curriculum in her ethics class.

Meanwhile, the School’s superintendant Ed Turlington has been quoted in the press as saying that the Laramie Project is “obscene” and made comments to students (in the English class taught by his wife) that homosexuality is immoral and that gays caused AIDS.

And now to make matters worse, the Westboro Baptist Church (led by Fred Phelps, creator of the hate website has announced a protest in support of the school’s homophobic actions.

It’s time for all lovers of equality and academic freedom to show up for a counter-protest.

Please bring signs and banners in support of equality, but we ask that all participants in this counter-protest commit to non-violence.

Our protest will happen from 2:30-4 p.m. in front of the Grandfield High School. You can find a link to a map of this location by clicking here