Most of my regular readers know that my decision to vote for Obama for President was a very hard decision. In Oklahoma we only had 3 choices — Obama, McCain or leaving it blank (we get no third party or write-in choices), so I was left with only two possible choices, Obama and NOTA (none of the above).

Despite my indecisiveness, I swung to Obama after he made clear statements about his intent to close down GITMO and because I hoped he would at least listen to the other side. I still though was very fearful that he being elected would placate the peace movement and that he would in fact do even worse things than Bush did because he felt the need to prove how much of tough Prez he was (think LBJ in Vietnam or Clinton in Serbia).

So have my fears come true? Thus far, sadly yes.

Obama has chosen to keep the same man at the top of the DOD (Gates). He is rapidly expanding the war in Afghanistan. And now he is backtracking on plans to end the war in Iraq on even the pathetically slow timetable he committed to.

And now to top it all of, we get this news…

MSNBC: CIA employees won’t be tried for waterboarding — Holder gives first definitive assurance officials are legally in the clear

… The Obama administration last month released nine legal memos related to the interrogation program, and probably will release more as the lawsuit proceeds. But the four released Thursday represent the fullest accounting by the government of the methods authorized and used, and is the complete list, the officials said.

There is very little redaction, or blacking out, of detail in the memos, the officials said.

The methods include keeping detainees naked for long periods, keeping them in a painful standing position for long periods, and depriving them of solid food. Other tactics included using a plastic neck collar to slam detainees into walls, keeping the detainee’s cell cold for long periods, and beating and kicking the detainee. Sleep-deprivation, prolonged shackling, and threats to a detainee’s family were also used.

President Obama and AG Holder are in my opinion now complicit in these crimes. Their argument that the CIA agents were relying on legal advice is a crock of ****. I’m sure Nazi lawyers said the holocaust was “legal” too.

If the CIA agents and other responsible for torture are not prosecuted, then the message is sent to the whole world that torture is ok. And if torture is ok, then God help us all. What kind of monsters have we become?