This is a continuation of an earlier blog post from August 27th.

Since, I wrote part 1 of this post, I am now officially accepted as a member of the Oklahoma City Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (wow, that’s a mouthful), while continuing to be a member and minister at Joy Mennonite Church. I had my clearness committee two weeks ago and I was accepted as a member yesterday at our monthly business meeting.

I feel very happy about this but also feel a great deal of responsibility. To really be a friend means to seek to find that of God in everyone, and to believe that God can speak at any time and in any circumstance. I want to believe that, but at times I have had a hard time believing it. Sometime I think God is sleeping, that he doesn’t care about the horrible things happening in the world. I know this isn’t true intellectually, but at times I believe it emotionally.

All of that is to say that I found have a quote that I think will be my motto for awhile (taken from Here it is…

Becoming a Quaker brings with it no halo, no plaque for perfection, no passport for heaven. It is more like a learner’s permit for the lifelong journey toward truth and fulfillment -a journey made more meaningful and easier by the companionship of other seekers.

OK, I promised in part 1 that I would later “discuss my decision to change colleges and study at the Institute for Christian Studies (now Austin Graduate School of Theology), my experiences in a non-denominational cell-based charismatic church, my return to the COC’s and my year as a COC minister, my decision to become a Mennonite, and my more recent experiences. I’ll also talk about my “conversions” to embracing the peace teachings of Jesus and to a Universalist theology,” but I’m afraid that will have to wait a bit longer. Today doesn’t seem like the right day to write about all of that. I need some more time to mull things over.