ALERT: Please do not send books to Travis Bishop or Leo Church in the brig. The brig has a jacked up policy and will send books back if they are ordered from the outside. People must be on Travis or Leo’s “list” to send him money orders. Then the guys can order books via mail, IF, the prison approves their book choices. (very fishy to me, it seems like a good way to slow down the process of getting good books into prisoners)

I will coordinate with their supporters, a way for folks to send donations to someone on the approved list, who can then send a money order to Travis or Leo. As soon as this is live, check at or for details.

Also if you plan to write these guys on a regular basis, please email me your name and contact info (with VISITOR’S LIST in the subject line), so I can send Travis and Leo your info, so that they can then add you to their lists. (I will be writing each of them on Friday of each week)